Welcome to the Happy Place Dining Sourcebook… reestablished in 2020!


Here we have your 2020 guide to unlocking all things Eat, Live and Play on this Happy Place we call Nantucket. With our new website and a reimagined Dining Restaurant Sourcebook,  we will give you access to the ever-changing island dining experience in a fresh new way!  



The 2020 Happy Place Dining Sourcebook was created at no cost to any of the businesses listed in it thanks to generous contributions from our launch partners.   Because of this generosity, we are also able to make the book complimentary to the consumer.  It is an inclusive book of every restaurant on our beloved island.  Listed in alphabetical order, it allows the consumer to easily access any restaurant they have heard of.  Then using the uniquely created Flowcodes, it’s as easy as OPEN (your camera on your phone), AIM (at the Flowcode), TAP (the banner that appears) and you will link automatically to online menus, websites, social pages, playlists or any digital destination of that restaurant!

This Sourcebook is the first of it’s kind guide that combines the convenience of a printed take along  with the digital footprint of the restaurants.  As a trusted source of innovative business development and conscious digital marketing, Holly and the Happy Place team strive to connect people with those special experiences that make this island so memorable.  With our deep understanding and love for the island, we want to help businesses on ACK not only survive, but thrive through this pandemic.

This is a different summer on Nantucket, but it is still a summer on Nantucket after all.  We hope that you find our Happy Place Sourcebook and Website become your go to and on the go information provider.  We will always remember where we were during the summer of 2020, let’s work to keep the island dining experience alive for summers to come.


Please check back in weekly to this experience page to find out lot’s of “must do’s” on the island.  What it looks like is changing day by day, so whether you are a full time islander or a “wash ashore” like me, if you are visiting for just one day or a full month, let’s take bACK the summer of 2020 and make it the summer of our childhood memories!

Katie Norton
Happy Place Director of Experiences