Happy Place is Nantucket’s multi faceted platform that celebrates the resounding spirit of Nantucket while setting a new stage for creative marketing, community building and higher consciousness.  
Happy Place is the New blACKbook
Founded by Holly Ruth Finigan, Happy Place is the 2020 evolution of her beloved Nantucket blACKbook. Since 2012, Holly and her team of marketing strategists have been providing an authentic view of life on Nantucket while advocating for island businesses. They have done this through years of curated and unmatched knowledge, alongside a thorough understanding of how to spread positive messages online and offline. Happy Place collaborated with the instagram platform @cobblesideack to curate the first ever sourcebook to help you navigate the dining scene, by unlocking access to the everchanging Nantucket experience.
Flowcodes are the New QR Codes
Happy Place is proud to partner with the DTX Company, to showcase how print and digital can seamlessly come together. Flowcodes are the fastest, easiest, and most fun way for consumers to connect directly with the restaurants and retailers that make Nantucket our Happy Place. Simply open your camera, aim it at the code and tap the banner – Open, Aim, Tap!
The Secret to Living is Giving.
Happy Place has deep roots in digital marketing responsibility and the intention to not just survive 2020, but thrive for years to come. The Happy Place dining sourcebook was created at no cost to any of the businesses listed here thanks to contributions from our launch partners. Because of their generosity, we are also able to make this book complimentary.
So you may think…   how can a business like Happy Place survive, let alone, thrive? Well now that our sourcebook has launched, Happy Place is focused on gaining revenue through strategic consultations, content creations and our Happy Place Giving Project. Want to know more? Scan our Flowcode below to see how we EAT, PLAY and LIVE on Nantucket! If you’re interested in having your own flow code, creating a page in the next printed guide or want details  how to support the Happy Place Giving Project, please email ACKhappyplace@gmail.com for details. 
Thank you for reading. We are so happy and grateful to share this journey with you all.

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